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Apple ev charging

Mainstreaming EVs: Apple unveils charging points in maps update

Apple has announced a sweeping update for iPhone users with the release of iOS 14 and one of the updates includes EV charging stations in its maps feature.
UK ev charging

UK EV charge point market set for 29% growth annually, despite COVID-19

UK-based energy market research consultancy, Delta-EE, released its UK EV charger forecast, showing that the market is set for 29% year-on-year growth in charge point sales through 2030, despite COVID-19’s impact on new vehicle sales.
EV adoption plan

French president announces sweeping e-mobility transition plan

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a commitment to deploy 100,000 new charging points throughout the country by 2021, a year ahead of the previous target, along with an increased subsidy for EV purchasers, and an accelerated commitment to clean transportation as part of an €8 billion stimulus package.
New York businesses

New York combats range anxiety with EV plan

New York’s Public Service Commission has authorised US$31.6 million to be allocated to utilities.
Smart Street Lighting

Streetlights with EV charge points heading for London boroughs

The Go-ultra Low City Scheme framework contract provides £3.7 million to help deliver charging points across London boroughs and the goal is 1,150 charging points by the end of 2020. The project will provide innovation...