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Texas’ biggest utility braces for commercial EV impact

Texas utility Oncor is taking a hard look at the future, in preparation for the adoption of larger, commercial electric vehicles on the roads of the lone star state.

British network operators to cut red tape for electric vehicles

Britain’s distribution network operators have committed to removing the application and administrative hurdles surrounding EVs
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EV’s show significant benefits to ratepayers

As electric vehicle sales increase (81% over 2017), industry observers are finding additional benefits

Porsche’s first modern EV could challenge Tesla

Porsche will soon begin production of the marque’s first electric vehicle or rather, since the first ever Porsche model, originally released in 1898.
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New York selects finalists for $40m EV infrastructure initiative

New York City has selected Chinatown Bureau (CTB) and Innogy Consulting as finalists of its NYCx Climate Action Challenge programme. The two consulting firms will partner with technology startup CTB to develop and provide the city...