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Electrify America to provide fast charging services to Lyft users

Electrify America has partnered with rideshare company Lyft to provide electric vehicle charging to Lyft customers.
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BYTON prepares to take over the US market with a new deal

BYTON has partnered Electrify America to power its EV drivers in the United States.

The new rules of engagement for the US energy market

Consumers are committed to climate change – but they’re also focused on the bottom line. Demand for EVs is high and the transition is speeding up.

Porsche unveils new electric vehicle model

Porsche has added the Taycan 4S as its new electric vehicle model.
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The world’s first blockchain use case for vehicle identification

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative has partnered with automakers to develop a Proof of Concept for a blockchain-based vehicle identity platform.
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$2 billion initiative unveils its first platform for home EV charging

Electrify America has released its first level 2 electric vehicle home charger to improve consumer E charging experience.
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Charging via the light brigade

At present, EV charging infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace. In the US, Electrify America is installing a unit at Walmart stores once every three days
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New deal connects 3,000+ direct current EV fast chargers

EVgo and Electrify America have partnered to increase the number of EV charging stations available of users across the US.

New digital campaign to intensify $2 billion zero-emission vehicles initiative

Electrify America has launched a new brand-neutral digital marketing campaign to increase consumer awareness and adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

Utility breaks barriers to EV adoption for Tacoma residents

Tacoma Power has partnered with Electrify America to increase the number of ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles.