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Innogy steps foot into the world’s first intelligent mobility operating system

Innogy has invested in what is claimed to be the world’s first intelligent mobility operating system.

Utility study highlights the demand for public EV chargers through 2020s

Hawaiian Electric has conducted it’s first study to reveal the demand for public EV charging to improve the electrification of the transportation industry.
self-driving vehicles

Robotic fast-charger for autonomous vehicles deployed

Electrify America has partnered with Stable Auto to pilot robotic charging solutions for self-driving vehicles in San Francisco.
Solar rail

Green light for UK solar-powered railway project

A new UK project in Aldershot is exploring the potential of solar-powered railway.

World emoji day: Requests filed for industry’s first

Electrify America has asked Unicode Consortium to to introduce the first-ever "electric vehicle with charger" emoji for smartphone keyboards
harley davidson

Electrify America to power Harley-Davidson’s all electric motorcyles

Electrify America has signed a deal with Harley Davidson to offer an electric vehicle charging plan to owners of electric motorcyles.

Ed’s note: In celebration of women

Sunday was International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). Under the patronage of UNESCO, INWED is an international awareness campaign to raise the...
ev sales

Partnership installs an ultra-fast EV charger every three days

Electrify America and Walmart have completed installing over 120 charging stations at Walmart stores across highway stations in the US.

Quebec announces smart energy and smart city goals

Quebec premier announces smart energy and smart city goals
global sales

Global sales for electric vehicles to reach 2.8 million

A new report released by Frost & Sullivan suggests that more than 2.8 million electric vehicles (EVs) are likely to be sold globally in 2019.

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