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Honda, AEP explore grid integration of used EV batteries

Honda, alongside Ohio-based electricity utility American Electric Power (AEP) is conducting research to develop a network of used electric vehicle (EV) batteries that could be integrated into the utility’system.
Inductive charging

Ed’s note: Inductive charging and the questions that still need to...

As the uptake of electric vehicles in Europe increases, authorities are considering alternative forms of charging infrastructure for these vehicles.

Where two of the world’s biggest utilities are investing

We look at the world’s top utility companies and how they have invested in the top technologies or business cases in the energy transition.

$2 billion initiative joins global EV charging standard development

Electrify America has joined the Charging Interface Initiative as part of efforts to increase consumer awareness and adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

Over 30 companies join EV100 initiative

According to the Climate Group’s first EV100 annual progress report, 31 companies have now joined the international initiative.
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Report: Long range EV’s will be the best ride-hailing option by...

It looks like the business case for electrifying ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft is stronger than ever

Porsche’s first modern EV could challenge Tesla

Porsche will soon begin production of the marque’s first electric vehicle or rather, since the first ever Porsche model, originally released in 1898.

Pending investigation forces closure of EV chargers

Electrify America has shut down some of its electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.
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Engie joins $2 billion ten-year zero emissions initiative

Electrify America has partnered with utility Engie in its efforts to advance the adoption of zero emissions vehicles.

VW reveals pilot plans for 17 minute mobile EV charger

Volkswagen has revealed details of their mobile electric vehicle charging station, planned for trials in 2019.

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