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Tesla eyes electricity retail business in Texas

Tesla has filed an application with the Texas Public Utility Commission to become a retail electricity provider in the state.

Blockchain nickel supply agreement for Tesla batteries

Tesla is partnering with Australian mining giant BHP on the nickel battery supply chain while also switching some production to iron.

Bitcoin miners propose to standardise energy reporting

North American bitcoin miners have agreed to form the Bitcoin Mining Council to promote energy usage transparency.

Hyperloop technology – potentially significant impacts on the grid

A study from the US Department of Energy models the impact of hyperloop technology on the electricity grid.
100$ million dollar awarded by Elon Musk for carbon capture technology

Ed’s note: Elon Musk, the carbon capture quest and a $100 million prize

Elon Musk launched his challenge to find the best carbon dioxide removal technologies in the world, is this something the utility industry should look at?
Tesla ventilators

Tesla factory to make respirators “if there is a shortage” says Elon Musk

Despite arguably down-playing the effect of COVID-19 on employees at the company's Alameda factory this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has offered to repurpose the factory to manufacture ventilators should there be a shortage.

Ed’s note: Transport’s electrification

Yesterday was Earth Day, a global chance for people to consider their contribution to the health of the earth. 2019 is the 49th year that Earth Day has been marked and was the impetus for a number of global challenges and initiatives.

Doing it for the kids – the future of energy

by David Hall There has always been conflict between the generations. But throughout history, this has been the exception rather than the rule: whatever generational differences there have been, they have failed to affect the...