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Virtual power plant

eMotorwerks develops 70MWh virtual storage for CAISO

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and eMotorwerks have announced the operation of a 30MW/70MWH distributed virtual energy storage battery. The virtual energy storage system has been developed since the start of 2017 to participate...

Honda, eMotorwerks and CAISO launch smart EV charging pilot

eMotorwerks has partnered with American Honda Company and the California Independent System Operator to implement an innovative intelligent electric vehicle charging pilot programme. The pilot Honda SmartCharge includes EV owners using eMotorwerks' cloud-based JuiceNet platform to...
gas station to EV

Growth of the EV market in the US and Europe

Metering & Smart Energy International spoke with Preston Roper, chief operating and marketing officer for eMotorWerks, a division of Italian utility ENEL, to understand the future of electric vehicles in the US and Europe. This...