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IOTA Tangle DLT for SUSEE smart grid platform

IOTA’s Tangle distributed ledger technology is to form the data structure for the Secure Sensor Platforms for Smart Energy Networks (SUSEE) initiative.

Grid ‘health check’ highlights renewables challenges

Swiss cleantech company depsys’s latest Health Check report sees acceleration of renewables on the grid causing significant utilisation pressure points.

SP to deploy distributed generation platform in Singapore

SP Group is to deploy Opus One Solutions’ GridOS platform for distributed energy resource integration and optimisation in the island state.

Australia’s AGL Energy to deliver customers smart energy services

Australian retailer and generator AGL Energy is to deploy OVO’s Kaluza customer experience and flexibility smart energy platform

Energy data exchange pilots in Europe

Experience with Estonia TSO Elering’s Energy Data Access pilot programme suggests there is a need for a pan-European data access solution.
NET2GRID start-up secures funding

Shell leads investment in smart energy platform provider NET2GRID

The Dutch startup NET2GRID has secured funding to grow the development and deployment of its AI-based smart energy offerings.

First blockchain platform for green hydrogen tracking developed

Spanish multinational Acciona has developed the first platform to guarantee the renewable origin of green hydrogen.

UK smart energy IT developer Piclo receives VC support

The public-private Clean Growth Fund makes its first venture capital investment into smart energy and flexibility marketplace developer Piclo.

Octopus Energy launches into US market with startup acquisition

UK independent green energy supplier Octopus Energy heads across the pond with acquisition of the Silicon Valley-based startup Evolve Energy.

Blockchain set to deliver savings in Australian carbon neutral apartments

Australian blockchain company Power Ledger is partnering with developer OP Properties to enable its energy trading platform in a new Freemantle apartment complex.