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Mexico renewables

Cubico investments see 600MW renewable portfolio go live in Mexico

Cubico has announced that it has reached operations on a 600 MW renewable portfolio in Mexico.
UK shutdown

UK government shuts down call for 2021 end to fossil fuel...

The UK government has shut down a call from the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), to end support for overseas fossil fuel energy projects, despite investment increasing almost a dozen times over in just two years.
IPP investment rating

IPP’s “not there yet” for investment rating says S&P – here’s...

It’s not set to change anytime soon, says the agency, thanks in part to the largest fuel switch in the electric industry's history—from coal to natural gas, which has led to changing consumer preferences, new technologies, weaker commodity prices, and greater distributed generation have put tremendous pressure on the traditional IPP model.
Future Energy Nigeria

New initiatives by the Nigerian government present unlimited investment opportunities

Nigeria is taking ownership of its power deficit and is taking charge of its energy future” says Future Energy Nigeria’s business development director Ade Yesufu.“

Investment opportunities in South-east Asia

Collaboration between various sectors on how to improve Indonesia's energy industry.
wind energy poland

Green Investment Group makes its first investment in Poland

Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) has announced its acquisition of the 42 MW Kisielice onshore wind farm in Poland.
South Africa renewables

UK Climate Investments funds £14 million in clean energy for South...

The UK will invest £14 million into clean energy projects across South Africa.

SoftBank closes its first energy storage investment

Energy storage firm Energy Vault has announced a $110 million investment into its Series B funding round, by SoftBank Vision Fund.
National Grid Partners

NY Green Bank reaches $786.7 million investment portfolio Q2 2019

NY Green Bank has released its financial results for the second quarter of 2019, showing the division’s investment portfolio reached $786.7 million
distribution automation

Distribution automation: Annual utility investments to reach $20.9 billion

The annual revenue for energy distribution automation technologies is forecast to increase by 7.5% between 2019 and 2028.

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