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Renewable Energy in the time of COVID-19

Decisions being taken to address the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis come amid profound uncertainty about both the course of the pandemic and its long-term ramifications, says IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera.

Netherlands aims to ban conventionally-fueled vehicles by 2050

The Netherlands has joined a host of nations looking to pass forward-thinking green energy legislation, as Europe takes serious steps to cut fossil fuel use.
UK battery storage

Utility-run efficiency programmes commit to clean air and cleaner lungs

In a wider push to increase energy efficiency, 19 states are incorporating health and environmental benefits into the cost effectiveness testing of utility-run efficiency programmes.

Australia’s clean energy investment doubles in 2018 to $20 billion

Renewable energy and storage projects adding up to more than $20 billion of investment have now been committed across Australia
Hard Brexit

EU updates energy efficiency policy to accommodate BREXIT

The European Commission has decided to amend the EU's energy efficiency legislation to account for Brexit
energy minister

France names pro-renewable energy minister

Former green lawmaker, Francois de Rugy, has been named France’s energy and environment minister, replacing environmental activist Nicolas Hulot. De Rugy will be responsible for preparing President Emmanuel Macron’s energy-policy road map for the next...
National Grid

UK: Association of Independent Meter and Data Agents’ launches today

The newly formed ‘Association of Independent Meter and Data Agents’ (AIMDA) launches today, Wednesday 20 June 2018, to preserve effective competition for commercial metering businesses. AIMDA is made up of seven of the UK’s largest,...