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US: FERC, NERC lessen compliance regulations as COVID-19 worsens

The FERC and the NERC have announced steps to ensure that operators of the bulk electric system can on keeping people safe and the lights on by announcing a relaxing of certain regulations over a limited period.

Unlocking access to storage in the US to meet demand

They discuss the association's work in helping regulators give access and value to grid-based storage across the US, the massive growth in the sector forecast for 2020, and the rise of residential solar in 2019.

The four pathways to a modern US grid, and a carbon-free future by 2050

Julia Hamm, President & CEO of Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) chats to Clarion Energy at this year's DISTRIBUTECH 2020 about their four priorities for 2020 and the shared vision of a cleaner, modern grid, and the US' transition to a carbon-free future by 2050.
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Next generation energy storage site to enhance grid stabilisation

Enbridge Gas Distribution, together with Hydrogenics Corporation are now providing regulation services under a contract with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) of Ontario, Canada. This project was originally awarded as one of several technology applications...