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New nano-engineering process holds huge potential for high-density storage

The rapid development of renewable energy resources has triggered tremendous demand for large-scale, high-density, and cost-efficient stationary energy storage systems present a challenge to the energy transition. However, researchers at the Sydney University of Technology may have potentially overcome it.

Unlocking access to storage in the US to meet demand

They discuss the association's work in helping regulators give access and value to grid-based storage across the US, the massive growth in the sector forecast for 2020, and the rise of residential solar in 2019.
Qinous GmbH

Rolls-Royce merger to expand battery storage options

Rolls-Royce will hold a 73.1 percent majority stake in Berlin-based electricity storage specialist Qinous GmbH from 15 January 2020.
NV Energy

EU demands 220GW of energy storage capacity by 2050, EASE

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) published a study estimating the energy storage capacity needed for Europe to achieve its decarbonisation targets. EASE forecasts the total power storage demand to range from 70...