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WEO-2020, The clean energy report from IEA gives new insights in the different clean energy sources for the world.

Carbon capture and other clean energy technologies key to climate targets, IEA reports

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) new energy technologies report calls for more attention to decarbonization of the transport, buildings and industry sectors.

Heat pumps could play key role in decarbonising London buildings, Carbon Trust finds

Heat pumps retrofitted to London buildings could support achievement of the city’s 2030 carbon net zero target, the Carbon Trust reports.
Russia Arctic

Russia announces new renewables-powered arctic research station

Russia’s MIPT has announced the start of construction of a renewables and hydrogen-powered International Arctic Station
tilt solar facility

Top ten technologies in 2018

Frost & Sullivan has issued a report highlighting the top ten technologies in the energy and utilities sector in 2018. The research firm looked at factors such as funding made in technologies, market potential, regional...