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New blockchain use cases coming for the energy sector

New blockchain use cases are under development for Energy Web’s Decentralised Operating System (EW-DOS) and the EW Chain.
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‘Blockchain for Energy’ consortium (re)launched

The oil and gas operators blockchain consortium has rebranded as the Blockchain for Energy consortium.

New blockchain identity register and renewable credit tracking projects launched by Energy Web

Energy Web is to build a prototype blockchain identity register for Germany’s energy market and pilot renewable energy credit tracking in US.

Taking blockchain to carbon zero

A new open source application from Energy Web is designed to enable blockchains to be transitioned to zero carbon electricity.

Elia Group launches multi-year test of blockchain energy market applications

Belgium transmission operator Elia Group and blockchain non-profit Energy Web are partnering to test the promise of blockchain in its operations.

Energy Web blockchain – new use cases and validators

New blockchain applications and further decentralisation advances the growth and adoption of EW Chain as an energy sector technology.
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Blockchain consortium increases members to scale up global adoption

The Energy Web Foundation has increased its members in an effort to expand its portfolio of ideas and resources, which the organisation can use to reach its goal of accelerating blockchain adoption in the...