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Europe’s TSOs propose 12 innovation priorities to 2025

Europe’s TSO association ENTSO-E has prioritised 12 project concepts to address the challenges of energy system integration and smart electrification

The active DSO in Europe – a work in progress

Surveys of Europe’s distribution system operators (DSOs) and national regulatory authorities (NRAs) indicate work to do in clarifying the best way forward.

Managing grid integration of electric vehicles

European transmission system operators consider electromobility as a “powerful resource” for decarbonisation and energy system flexibility.

Europe’s electricity markets in 2030 – design options

Europe’s TSO association ENTSO-E presents options for the design of the region’s electricity markets to meet 2030 climate objectives.

‘Smart sector integration’ – a new concept for the energy sector

Smart sector integration is key to full decarbonisation across the economy with new technologies and infrastructure.

Decentralised or centralised renewables – options for Europe’s energy system

Decentralised or centralised renewables are the two scenarios proposed for the ongoing evolution of Europe’s network development plan.
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Europe’s electricity networks need more cross-border exchange, storage by 2040

Europe’s electricity networks need 93GW additional cross-border exchange and 485GWh storage capacity by 2040 to meet climate targets, ENTSO-E finds.

E.DSO, ENCS and ENTSO-E host 2nd webinar of 3rd edition of cybersecurity event

An ENCS, E.DSO and ENTSO-E webinar explores challenges of data sharing under the NIS Directive, Cybersecurity Act and Network Code Cybersecurity.
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Ed’s note: Holding critical infrastructure to ransom(ware)

The global pandemic has been good for cybercriminals. There has been a significant increase in attempted and successful attacks since the beginning of 2020 – what's behind the increase?

E.DSO, ENCS and ENTSO-E: “Cybersecurity: Defence in Depth” workshop

E.DSO, ENTSO-E and ENCS have organised a technical workshop to discuss the main cybersecurity threats and how to stay ahead of the developments.