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power supply

Four ways to address power supply challenges before they happen

New research and development project has been launched by EPRI to understand and overcome power supply challenges even before they happen.
zero emissions

Four transformation areas vital to achieving zero emissions by 2050

EPRI and GTI's new report highlights the four key areas in need to be transformed for the energy sector to achieve zero emissions by 2050.
solar energy systems

EPRI and DoE investigate co-adoption of solar, EVs and storage

The US DoE has awarded EPRI with a $2m contract to investigate consumer decisions around co-adoption of solar, storage and electric vehicles.
utilities decarbonisation

Major US utilities, EPRI announce massive decarbonisation drive

The Electric Power Research Institute, Gas Technology Institute and several of the US' largest utilities have announced a five-year initiative to accelerate demonstration.

Initiate winners Live EO take vegetation management into orbit

Sven Przywarra, Co-CEO and COO at Live EO chats to Clarion Energy at this year's DISTRIBUTECH 2020. Live EO won this year's Initiate! competition due to their revolutionary earth observation solution for utilities...

The central role of interoperability for a competitive, innovative and sustainable US power grid

The panel offers insights into the importance, but elusiveness of grid interoperability as the grid becomes ever-more sophisticated, to allow competition, innovation and adaptability to take root in the modern US energy market.

Interconnected world highlights supply chain concerns

EPRI's Tobias Whitney speaks about all things cyber but specifically the supply chain and the increasing interconnectedness of … well … everything.

EPRI partners on AI, blockchain and cybersecurity R&D in the Gulf

EPRI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to conduct research and development, and testing of energy technologies with GCCIA in the gulf
supply chain management

Interconnected world highlights supply chain concerns

Smart Energy International spoke with Tobias Whitney, Technical Executive with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), about all things cyber but specifically supply chains and the increasing interconnectedness of…well…everything. Whitney is a speaker on the “Securing...
Emirates EPRI

Emirates and EPRI partner to accelerate UAE energy transition

EPRI and Abu Dhabi DoE sign MoU on research and development and energy technology innovation