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COVID-19 emissions

ESMIG: Europe’s energy sector needs fair competition

A level playing field is needed for fair competition for EU and non-EU technology providers to Europe’s energy sector, ESMIG has indicated.

Standard essential patents – a growing challenge for EU smart energy delivery

ESMIG has called for standard essential patents to be licenced on a ‘fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory’ (FRAND) basis.
Ransomware, Cybercon, Exelon

Npower was hacked… Who could be next?

While the inclusion of telecommunications and IoT technology into utilities’ toolkit has been hailed as a blessing, Npower’s recent data hack made it clear that it can be a curse as well.

Europe: First harmonised approach for security certification of smart meters has been formally certified

The first set of harmonised requirements for security certification of smart meters in Europe, has now officially been certified