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Spanish buildings to save 13.1GWh per annum with EIB aid

13.1GWh in energy savings per annum are anticipated in Spain from a €2.48m investment tranche announced by the EU Commission and the EIB.

Britain’s energy consumers – the climate disconnect and challenge

Ofgem’s annual consumer survey indicates a majority concern about climate change with many thinking they are doing what is necessary to combat it.

EDP employs augmented reality to improve customer experience

EDP has deployed a technology to enhance operational efficiencies, to better resolve customers' issues, and to carry out remote site surveys prior to the installation of solar panels.

The great British city – which is the most future-forward and...

Edinburgh in Scotland has emerged as the most ‘future forward’ city in the UK based on eco friendliness of homes and sustainability of lifestyles.

Smart technological convergence driving prosumerism

Smart grids have created a paradigm shift toward active energy distribution and have significantly transformed the role of consumers to prosumers.

The future of energy and consumer empowerment

Jorge González, CEO of Ormazabal, shares his thoughts on the most important changes in energy over the past two decades.

Smart water meters demonstrate leak detection in NZ communities

Smart water meters have led to a 25% reduction in usage largely due to less wastage to leaks in two Marlborough towns.

UK gas and water utility partnership to bring new benefits to...

British Gas and Thames Water are partnering to offer a choice of new services to the latter’s customer base.
nuclear energy

How consumers are empowered to support nuclear energy

In some European countries, consumers are also empowered to support an alternative way to decarbonise the energy industry. They take a stand for nuclear energy, writes Patrick Bauduin.
Jersey Electricity

Jersey Electricity improves consumer access to smart meter data

Consumers on Jersey Island will be able to optimise their use of data acquired from smart meters following increased investment in online customer engagement by their energy retailer Jersey Electricity.

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