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Grid connection codes ‘key’ in scaling renewables – IRENA expert

Grid codes need to reflect a balance between cost and reliability, says IRENA’s RE Markets and Standards Analyst Francisco Boshell.

Five smart grid projects of European common interest

The European Union’s new list of smart grid ‘Projects of Common Interest’ gains three new projects, loses four previous projects.
smart gas meters

The penetration of smart gas meters in Europe

Berg Insight explores the penetration of smart gas meters in Europe as utilities in the bloc seek to modernise metering processes and grid management.
DTEK Grids smart grid

Ukraine’s DTEK Grids monitors voltage quality with depsys’ Grideye tech

DTEK Grids has partnered with depsys to implement a smart grid infrastructure for energy network resilience and sustainability.
Nothern Powergrid

TSOs propose Baltic Regional Coordination Centre to manage integrated networks

Baltic states' transmission system operators to establish the Baltic Regional Coordination Centre to manage integrated networks.
ELES smart grid

ELES pilots Advanced Energy Management System with Japan’s NEDO and Hitachi

Slovenian-based state utility ELES has completed the deployment of a cloud-based advanced energy management system to leverage modern and innovative use cases for grid reliability.
Nothern Powergrid

Polish utility to install advanced metering infrastructure with EIB loan

TAURON has secured a PLN 2.8 billion ($704.6 million) loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to modernise its electricity distribution assets and install an advanced metering infrastructure.
energy system efficiency

How to achieve system efficiency across the EU energy market

What is system efficiency, how can it be achieved and what is its significance in helping Europe to achieve climate action goals?

New tech to enhance Greek-Bulgarian energy trading

New technology installed and now commissioned by Greece's Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) will help enhance cross-border energy exchange with Bulgaria.

E.DSO, ENCS and ENTSO-E host 4th cybersecurity workshop “Enhancing our grid resilience”

The workshop focused on the challenges of increasing volume and sophistication of malicious acts towards the EU grid and how the Network Code Cybersecurity will enhance grid resilience.