European Energy Grids

Lightsource Labs to deliver flexibility to GB network operators

Lightsource Labs, a subsidiary of Lighthouse bp, is to deliver 1.8MW of flexibility to UK Power Networks and 15kW to Western Power Distribution.

European energy system integration – the DSO strategy

Europe’s distribution system operators (DSOs) see energy system integration as a key area to take an enabling role and are ready to take this responsibility says E.DSO.
Flexibility files enlit europe

The flexibility files: Enlit Europe projects focusing on flexible grids

To achieve climate neutrality and emission reduction goals, we need solutions that will contribute to the flexibility of the energy grids. Various European projects bring this to the table.
SEAPATH, digital transformation, Grid futurability

Digitalisation of Britain’s energy sector goes under spotlight

An Energy Digitalisation Taskforce has been launched to deliver recommendations to the British government on further modernisation of the energy system

Four key ways to limit cyberattacks on critical energy infrastructure

As the energy sector continues to record an increase in cyberattacks on grid networks, how can the resilience of critical infrastructure be ensured?

Measuring the performance of Europe’s smart grids

European system operators have proposed a set of indicators to monitor the evolution of smart grids at the distribution level.
energy transition

Political backing crucial to Germany’s energy system of the future

The energy transition must be enabled by politics and implemented together with companies and citizens," according to the results of DESIGNETZ
grid edge data

Top six grid edge trends

Thorsten Hiller, the CEO of smart grid solutions firm Greenbird has highlighted the six key trends associated with grid edge during a discussion hosted by Smart Energy International.
northern powergrid

Northern Powergrid invests in smart grid

UK utility Northern Powergrid has awarded a £11.4 million contract to upgrade its secondary Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

Swedish grid operator selects Siemens for new distribution control system

Sweden’s second-largest grid operator Ellevio has selected Siemens Smart Infrastructure for the supply of a new energy distribution network control system.

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