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Ed’s Note: EU Commission’s 13 commandments for climate out

The new, mammoth ‘green package’ is called ‘Fit for 55’ and it is going to change the way we commute, use – or abuse – energy and the way our smart homes and cities...

New unit for coordinated response to cybersecurity in Europe

A Joint Cyber Unit is to be established as a platform to provide a coordinated response to large-scale cyber threats and incidents in the EU.
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EU and EIB funding to improve energy access in West Africa

New grant and loan funding from the EU and the EIB is expected to improve access to clean and affordable energy to West Africans.
Utility AI

AI in Europe’s energy sector in line for regulation

Artificial intelligence in energy sector applications is accorded ‘high risk’ status in proposed European regulation.

Europe’s retail energy markets – barriers and best practices

Barriers remain to the liberalisation of European energy markets, many country specific but many also pan-European, a major new study finds.
A just energy transition vs rising inequality

A just energy transition vs rising inequality

At the heart of the European Green Deal is the goal of a carbon free Europe by 2050. Yet, achieving this lofty goal is not going to be without some pain and effort over the course of the next three decades.

Ed’s note: Is a green recovery good for the utility sector?

The European Green Deal is the EU's action plan to reduce emissions and deliver a sustainable economy. But is a green recovery good for the utility sector?

RWE completes E.ON asset swap, now EU’s 3rd largest renewables firm

The major asset swap between utility giants RWE and E.ON has been completed.

EU policy can negate negative social impacts of energy transition

A new study conducted by Eurelectric, with the scientific contribution of the Enel Foundation, outlines several remedial solutions that could be considered to cushion the effects on vulnerable households, while ensuring sustainable growth for the benefit of all.
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Offshore wind capex set to top oil and gas in Europe by 2022

Offshore wind capital investment is set to reach parity with that of both oil and gas in Europe by 2021, and surpass both sectors by 2022, due to plunging oil prices and increasing levels of offshore wind activity in Europe.