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Exelon subsidiary selects partner for Maryland VPP project

Delmarva Power has partnered with Sunverge to implement a virtual power plant project on the Elk Neck peninsula in Cecil County in the US state of Maryland.
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Exelon unveils $20 million 2c2i energy startup initiative

Exelon Foundation has announced up to $20 million in funding to support the development of technologies that help mitigate climate change.

Exelon brings consumer EV test drive at highest ranked US auto...

US utility Exelon and its subsidiary EZ-EV are sponsoring an electric vehicle test drive programme during the Washington Auto Show (April 5 to April 14).

Exelon disagrees with FERC when it comes to doing away with...

Exelon has joined environmental organisations, community leaders, business groups and lawmakers in supporting legislation that will preserve and expand clean energy in...
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Exelon Utilities attains international accreditation for environmental sustainability

Exelon Utilities has attained an international certification for adopting environmentally responsible business practices.
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Exelon Utilities play key role for recognition of service territories

Exelon Utilities gives credit to investments made by its subsidiaries for the naming of Illinois, Maryland and Columbia as smart grid leaders.
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Exelon utility companies reach 20TWh efficiency milestone

Exelon's utility companies are committed to helping their customers save energy and have reached a 20TWh efficiency milestone.

Exelon recognised for transparency in sustainability

The CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, awarded Exelon high score for disclosures in three areas, namely, climate change, water use management and sustainable...

Exelon subsidiary acquires ConEdison electricity retail and natural gas business

Exelon Corporation is a US Fortune 150 energy company based in Chicago. It works in every stage of the energy business including power...
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Exelon Utilities budgets US$25bn for smart grid tech

In a press statement, the firm said it will direct the capital to help its six utilities to strengthen their grids and improve customer...

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