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City of Long Beach gets rid of 80 truck rolls per-day...

the City of Long Beach partnered with Sensus to provide resilient connectivity to more than 156,000 advanced gas meters

Smart gas: The French Connection

France is experiencing a period of significant growth in the biogas/biomethane market, especially after the government reaffirmed its goals to achieve carbon neutrality. The ambition...
NEC Corporation

Tochigi Japan pilots LORAWAN-enabled smart gas meters

In Japan, Tochigi City is deploying a smart meter pilot for liquefied petroleum gas consumers.

Azerbaijan expands ten-year prepaid meter deal

SOCAR Azerigas Production Union, a part of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, has signed a contract with Itron for the supply and...

Emerging economies to fuel smart gas metering systems market expansion

Smart gas metering systems market, a rather lucrative vertical of the overall smart metering industry, has recently been bestowed with unprecedented gains driven by...
smart gas metering

Polish grid operator issues tender for replacement of gas meters

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa, based in Warsaw Poland, is calling for tenders for the repair and maintenance of gas meters. Contract notice: Replacement of bellows gas...

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