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cyber hygiene

GE and Thales to mitigate cybersecurity threats in power sector

Thales and GE Steam Power are establishing a collaboration to deliver a suite of cybersecurity solutions to power plant operators. This agreement comes a few months after the release of Thales’ Cyberthreat Handbook, detailing the major...

Empowering DSOs to secure the Smart Grid

As the main actors for managing the smart grid, DSOs are central to driving the evolution of the new energy ecosystem.

Webinar recording: Cybersecurity, powering trust into the Grid

Join Gemalto in this live webinar for an overview of existing smart grid vulnerabilities and what is at stake when an infrastructure is poorly secured.
Africa Energy

Africa ready to adopt smart grid technology

Africa Utility Week (AUW) will take place in Cape Town, South Africa this week and will showcase the progress of a unique smart energy ecosystem.  Gemalto will be at AUW to explore how Africa is getting...