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Oil and gas

Oil and gas majors must cut production by a third or Paris Agreement fails

Despite public statements to the contrary, none of the majors’ emissions targets are found to be aligned with the Paris Agreement.
energy efficiency investments

Sustainability in metering – we must vs. we want

Planet Earth, or, more accurately, humankind is faced with three main issues that are jeopardising our future existence. Global warming caused by increased production of CO2, material scarcity driven by decades of linear ‘produce...
rural electrification

African ministers discuss innovation at Environmental conference

The need to invest in innovative solutions and interventions and promote sustainable consumption and production is the top agenda at the seventh special session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN), which...
CEO Alliance

The top 30 greenest countries in the world

With the growing problems associated with carbon emissions, It is no secret that we need to make greater efforts to improve the sustainability of our planet, and many nations around the world are taking...