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oil and gas decarbonisation

Italy’s Eni announces net-zero transition, renewable energy goals

Italian oil and gas multinational Eni has announced plans to install 55GW or renewable energy capacity by 2050, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by that date.
UK fossil fuel

UK gov. fossil fuel financing responsible for 69 million tons of...

A UK government agency is financing fossil fuel developments that are responsible for the emission of an estimated 69 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.
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Building resilience in water systems

Imagine a time when water utilities have to enforce dramatic usage restrictions or even shut off water to millions of customers. Some California citizens are already experiencing that future with electricity. Who’s to say it couldn’t happen in the water sector?
General Electric sustainability

New International Fund to support climate initiatives in emerging economies

IKI Fund to help developing countries to address climate change.
Paris Agreement

Report: Behaviour change is vital to meet 2050 climate goals

The Center for Behaviour & the Environment has issued a whitepaper that quantifies the contribution individual behaviour change can make towards curbing greenhouse gas...

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