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Utility Virtual Event

African Utility Week Virtual Event: COVID-19 and climate change

Join the African Utility Week Virtual Event’s opening keynote session entitled: “Exploring private sector participation in African power sector” at 13:00 SAT, including insights on the models, challenges and reforms for private sector participation in the context of the African power sector.
South Africa renewables

UK Climate Investments funds £14 million in clean energy for South Africa

The UK will invest £14 million into clean energy projects across South Africa.
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg to travel to UN Climate Summit – by racing yacht

Greta Thunberg will cross the Atlantic Ocean from the UK to New York in a racing yacht to attend the UN Climate Action Summit in New York
Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day call to action #MoveTheDate

Earth Overshoot Day has moved from late September in 1997 to August 1st this year, the earliest date since the world first went into overshoot in the early 1970s. The day marks the date...