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Britain’s future system operator – responsibilities across electricity and gas

An expert impartial ‘future system operator’ is proposed to drive Great Britain’s progress towards net zero by 2050.

Energy data exchange pilots in Europe

Experience with Estonia TSO Elering’s Energy Data Access pilot programme suggests there is a need for a pan-European data access solution.

UK’s SP Energy Networks trials new real-time fault detection system

SP Energy Networks is testing a new real-time fault detection system that can measure fault levels, and enable the addition of more battery energy storage to offset potential power-losses.
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Canada invests in next generation energy workforce

The Government of Canada is providing funding to enhance energy workforce development in the rapidly changing utility industry.
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GO15 signs memorandum of understanding with CIGRE

Global power energy players, GO15 and CIGRE signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at GO15’s Annual Steering Board meeting in Milan, Italy. President of GO15, Thava Govender and Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE, both...