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ComEd to secure DER-integrated systems using blockchain

ComEd to demonstrate how blockchain technology can enhance the security and operational efficiency of grid networks.

UK Energy Emergencies Committee, Minister Leadsom start investigation

UK Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom has laid out the breadth of the state’s investigation into the blackout on Friday the 9th of August that left almost a million homes in England and Wales without power during peak commuting time, and for up to nine hours.

$2.8 million grant to advance the role played by solar in...

Kansas State University has received a three-year, $2.8 million research award from the US Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Office

DER’s could restart UK power grid – report

Distributed energy resources (DER), including wind, solar and hydropower could restart the UK’s national grid.

EVs on the grid – challenges and opportunities

Adam Pigott, engineering manager, Kinect Energy Group, discusses EV charging, its applications, challenges and opportunities for utilities.
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US mayors adopt data protection and infrastructure resilience resolution

US mayors adopt Data Protection at the Edge Resolution to enhance data and infrastructure security

Venezuela hit by worst blackout since March

Venezuela has been hit by its worst blackout, in a series of power outages, since March this year.
Kauai Outage

Kauai institutes rolling blackouts after island-wide outage

Hawaii’s Kauai’Island Utility Cooperative have claimed that a cable failure caused it’s Kapaia generator to trip on Sunday, leading to an island-wide power outage.

Ed’s note: In the dark

Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, New York, London, Jakarta - these are the names of just some of the countries or cities affected in...

Saft expands microgrid interests in US with Go Electric acquisition

Go Electric’s microgrid power controller technology, combined with energy storage, helps customer sites to keep the lights on by islanding them from the grid should a power outage occur.

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