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Statkraft UK partners with GE for ‘green’ stabilisation of UK grid

Norway's Statkraft has partnered with GE Power Conversion, to overcome a challenge by no means unique to the UK - synchronisation, in the face of ever-increasing levels of "non-synchronised" generation such as renewable energy.
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Belectric to build 38MW solar park for Dutch hybrid plant

Germany's solar Belectric GmbH will construct a 38MW solar park for Swedish mega-utility Vattenfall at the latter's Haringvliet Zuid hybrid complex, according to a release from the German company.
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UK ESO embarks on world’s first-of-a-kind approach to grid stability

UK's National has agreed on contracts with five parties, in what it says is a world-first approach to managing the stability of the electricity system.
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MadIoT and the potential to bring down the grid

Could fridges and other smart appliances be leveraged against the power grid using manipulation of demand via IoT (MadIoT) attacks? Yes, according to recent research by Princeton University researchers, Saleh Soltan, Prateek Mittal, and H....
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Next generation energy storage site to enhance grid stabilisation

Enbridge Gas Distribution, together with Hydrogenics Corporation are now providing regulation services under a contract with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) of Ontario, Canada. This project was originally awarded as one of several technology applications...
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Dominion Energy Virginia amongst top 10 US solar adopters

The Smart Electric Power Alliance has ranked US utility Dominion Energy Virginia amongst the top ten US utilities leaders in adopting solar energy in 2017. Dominion Energy Virginia has increased its solar capacity by more...

Korea Energy Agency signs renewables agreement with UAE firm

The Korea Energy Agency has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based smart energy firm Masdar. The MoU enables the two to collaborate on accelerating investments in renewable energy projects...