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A just transition: Empowering the global citizen

Professor Darren McCauley highlights how a just transition involves a wholesale reimagination of where burdens and benefits will be shared.

From linear to circular: the business transition to sustainability

Today’s economy has the potential to become sustainable if companies thought of the world as an island in the middle of an ocean of inhospitable space.
just transition needs to include gender justice

‘We must deliver gender justice’

By Silvia Sartori, Women’s Economic Empowerment Program Manager, ENERGIA International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy.
Helena Anderson, Roberto Castiglioni of Ikigai Group

‘There is no energy transition without creation of value’

To us, a just transition means creating the right balance amongst, and value for, the stakeholders to deliver a net zero economy, write Helena Anderson and Roberto Castiglioni - Ikigai Group.

How energy efficiency can deliver equitability

A just transition entails the equitable distribution of the benefits and, perhaps more importantly, the costs, of economy-wide decarbonisation across the socio-economic, ethno-racial and geographic strata of our current and future society.
Storage faces its own transition

Storage faces its own transition

Energy storage systems are a key component of a truly renewable-powered future, delivering clean power as needed with no incremental emissions.
Does shared value equal fair innovation in Utility-Land?

Does shared value equal fair innovation in utility-land?

Treating societal challenges as business opportunities is the most important new dimension of corporate strategy and the most powerful path to social progress.
What is a fair or just energy transition?

What do we mean by a just transition?

Enlit Europe’s content directors offer their perspective.

Citizens’ band wavelength

A just transition means moving away from a centralised, top-down system dominated by a limited number of corporate actors, writes Lorena Skiljan.

Not just any transition

This energy transition may turn out to be a just-in-time transition in terms of combating climate change, but it must also be a morally and financially fair just energy transition.