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distributed energy resources

AI trends shaping distributed energy integration

Guidehouse Insights forecasts the market for AI enabled distributed energy resources integration to record a 10% through 2030.
energy storage

The changing landscape of utility-scale energy storage integration

The utility-scale energy storage market has grown increasingly competitive, with cumulative UES rollout set to exceed $215bn by 2030.
The future of smart cities in uncertain times

Considering the future of smart cities in uncertain times

There is a long tradition of seeing the future of cities in a utopian or dystopian light and it is not hard to conjure images in either mode for cities in 25 years, writes Eric Woods.
virtual power plants

New utility rate structures to expand distributed energy storage market

The distributed energy storage market will expand as utilities charge customers based on usage patterns and design rate structures that reflect the fixed and variable costs of providing electric service.

Industry getting to grips with flexibility challenge

While the challenges of ensuring adequate flexibility in an ever more complex electricity grid are increasing, frameworks are evolving and stakeholders are responding positively to this, believes industry analyst Guidehouse Insights.
Energy as a service

Energy as a service solutions grow despite the pandemic

Sasha Wedekind, a research analyst of building efficiency and decarbonisation at Guidehouse Insights, explores some of the key trends within the global energy-as-a-service market.
virtual power plants

Fluence & Tesla top Guidehouse list of top utility-scale storage integrators

Guidehouse Insights has named five companies as the leading players in the utility-scale energy storage systems integration market.
customer experiences

Utilities to invest nearly $700m in customer experience technologies by 2029

Utilities expected to expand their investments in customer experience and management technologies analytics by 9.6% per annum through 2029.
distributed energy resources

More than $14 billion will be invested in microgrid controls by 2030

More than $14 billion will be invested in microgrid controls technologies within the next decade, according to a new report released by research firm Guidehouse Insights.
networking and communications infrastructure

Utility spending on networking and communications to hit $113 billion by 2030

Research firm Guidehouse Insights predicts that utilities will spend over $113 billion on networking and communications equipment and services between 2020 and 2030.