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LAISON – The most widely used smart water meter in Africa

LAISON is a professional company specialised in smart water metering solutions, which help water authorities to fast bill collection, online monitoring and reduce non-revenue water.

LAISON Smart Metering and Case Studies

The introduction of 5 Typical Smart Metering (Water/Gas) Solutions and their advantages from LAISON can give you a clear and intuitive understanding of how the Internet of Things (IoT) meters creates value.

LAISON Profile

LAISON is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrated with Research and Development R&D, production, marketing and professional after sales support service, focusing on...

Standpipe Water Dispenser installation Guide

The advantage of the LAISON Standpipe Public Water Dispenser is also reflected in the simple installation.

LAISON’s Ultrasonic STS Prepaid AMI Smart Water Meter Solution

Compared with a normal smart water meter, LAISON's Ultrasonic STS Prepaid AMI Smart Water Meter has higher accuracy with R250/400.

LAISON Standpipe Public Water Dispenser Solution

In the rural areas where water resources are relatively scarce and residents live scattered, LAISON Standpipe Public Water Dispenser Solution effectively solves the problem of water selling and purchasing.

LAISON Prepaid Water Meter in NWSC,Zambia

NWSC installed LAISON's solution of Split Type STS Prepaid Smart Water Meter to reduce debt buildup and to improve service quality.

Zambia’s Nkana Water reduces non-revenue water with LAISON’s prepaid meter

Zambian media reported on the use of the LAISON Prepaid Smart Water Meter by local utility company Nkana Water.

LAISON remote IoT prepaid AMI smart water meter solution

LAISON Remote IoT Prepaid AMI smart water meter can help water utilities improve the cash flow, reduce the non-revenue water effectively.

LAISON: Smart metering in Africa

LAISON developed Prepaid Smart Water Meter Solutions to improve the problems of bill collection and water network monitoring in Africa.

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