home automation

Octopus Amazon

Customers of Octopus Energy to leverage voice-enabled smart home efficiency features

Octopus Energy customers are set to use their voices to shape home energy use in new ways thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, managing how they use electricity relative to real-time energy pricing.
renewable energy in the US

The US utility market set for interesting times in 2019

The US utility market it seems is subject to what is purported to be an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”...
intelligent buildings

Stakeholder research sheds light on smart buildings market

Navigant Research has issued the results of a survey conducted the smart buildings market. The study was conducted in partnership with multiple smart buildings companies...
building analytics

Energy management to generate highest revenue in building analytics

The global building analytics market size is expected to grow by 13.3%, from $5.94 billion in 2018 to $11.10 billion by 2023. Increasing demand for...
connected home

German utility secures consumer management of smart home data

German-headquartered integrated energy company, Innogy, has selected distributed computing solutions provider, Intertrust, to help smart home consumers to securely manage data. Innogy has adopted the...

IoT: Consumer adoption and performance issues

A new study conducted by Opinium Research and commissioned by technology firm Dynatrace analyses consumer adoption of IoT applications and performance issues. The study is...
distribution automation

250K to boost Delhi’s smart grid capabilities

Utilities in India continue to expand their smart metering base to allow customers to operate home appliances remotely, as well as keep a check...

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