Virtual reality simulator trains Honeywell’s workforce

Honeywell has introduced an advanced industrial training solution that combines 3D immersive technology with operator training simulation.
New Jersey

City in New Jersey embarks on smart buildings and efficiency project

The City of Newark, New Jersey has partnered with Honeywell to help improve energy efficiency and sustainable energy in the city. The building infrastructure upgrades by Honeywell are expected to deliver significant savings in energy operations.
water metering

Northeast Group analyses 2018-2027 UK smart water infrastructure market

Smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group forecast $1.3 billion in investments in the UK smart water infrastructure market by 2027. Smart water infrastructure will...
smart grid infrastructure

Latinos to direct $20.1bn towards smart grid infrastructure

South America is expected to invest $20.1 billion in smart grid infrastructure over the next decade. Market research firm Northeast Group forecasts the majority of...
smart meter

DEWA expands rollout of Honeywell smart meters

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) selected US-based smart grid solutions firm Honeywell for the provision of an additional 150,000 smart meters. In a...
smart water meter pilot; water; Texas Instruments

Water meter news: Honeywell and Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments unveils new microcontrollers for water meters Texas Instruments have unveiled a new family of MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs) with an integrated ultrasonic sensing analogue front...
grid operations; disaster recovery; powerline communication; smart grid

Municipal utilities choose Honeywell EnergyAxis

Honeywell announced yesterday that it is providing smart meters, software and communication networks that will enable two municipal utilities to upgrade from a traditional...

About Honeywell

At Honeywell Smart Energy we go beyond the meter, delivering innovative end-to-end connected solutions that accurately measure, monitor and respond intelligently. We make operations...
district heating systems

Honeywell provides US municipalities with managed smart grid services

Honeywell will work with three municipal utilities in the cities of Glenwood Springs, Colorado and St. John, Kansas, as well as Yakama Power in...
Honeywell smart meters project

Connexus selects Honeywell for AMI rollout

Under the $15 million smart meters project, Honeywell will supply and install 138,000 AMI meters for customers of Connexus in seven counties in Minnesota...

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