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Utilities are leaders of drone adoption – report

Utilities are leading spending on drone programmes, DroneAnalyst’s latest annual survey of market trends reveals.

Hydro-Québec uses smart meters to shut down electricity theft network

Analysis of smart meter data has demonstrated its power in detecting theft of electricity in 10 Quebec homes.

Quebec’s Lac-Mégantic microgrid inaugurated

Quebec state utility Hydro-Québec and Lac-Mégantic have formally launched the energy microgrid in the Canadian city’s new downtown.

Nova Scotia Power to pilot electric vehicle to grid integration

Canadian utility Nova Scotia Power has been awarded funding to establish solutions for an electric vehicle (EV) smart grid–integrated system.

Hydro-Québec launches energy storage subsidiary

Canada utility Hydro-Québec launches EVLO Energy Storage Inc as a subsidiary to design, sell and operate energy storage systems.

Hydro-Québec to lead development of smart grid co-simulation platforms

Smart grid modelling is set to benefit from a new Canadian R&D partnership established by Hydro Quebec’s research centre.

Hydro-Québec launches advanced fault detection solution

Hydro-Québec has partnered with CGI to launch MILES, a solution to address the root causes of electricity outages before they occur. Hydro-Québec, which manages the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity across Québec in Canada, will...

Hydro-Québec denies crypto miners amid high electricity demand

Canadian electricity provider Hydro- Québec will temporarily cease processing requests from cryptocurrency miners in order to ensure sufficient energy supply to the province. Blockchain companies are currently placing a great deal of pressure on the...