hydrogen electrolysis

Australian gas suppliers step closer to hydrogen blending in the networks

Two projects have been awarded almost Au$61 million (US$47 million) in development funding towards hydrogen blending.

Siemens Energy and Air Liquide collaborate on industrial-scale hydrogen projects

Air Liquide and Siemens Energy have signed a MoU to research and develop Proton Exchange Membrane electrolysis technology.
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ENGIE refuels the world’s first renewable hydrogen passenger train

The train is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which produces electrical power for traction. It emits only water and steam during operation, representing a clean alternative for the regional government looking to replace diesel fleets.
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Rust and light boost hydrogen production 25x says Tokyo University

Hydrogen production is an expensive and intensive process, but a new discovery by researchers at the Tokyo University of Science has led to a novel technique of using rust and light to speed up hydrogen production as much as 25 times current production norms.
hydrogen electrolysis

Solar-driven hydrogen electrolysis facility, a first for Middle East

DEWA has broken ground on the first solar-driven hydrogen electrolysis facility in the Middle East and North Africa.

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