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New entrant into UAE and Bahrain smart metering market

DS Technology is an information communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and services integration company and will distribute CyanConnode's RF Mesh networks as well as its Ominmesh platform.
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DoE tasks EPRI with $6 million contract for next-generation utility workers

The US Department of Energy has awarded the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) with a contract to train the next-generation of electric utility workers. The $6 million contract has been issued through the Solar Energy Technologies...
Bobbi Harris


VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKET STRATEGY & DEVELOPMENT | UTILITIES TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL Who were your role models during the pivotal stages of your life? My dad, Bob Harris. I was named after him and have been working hard...

Open source coalition fuels energy transition and innovation

The Linux Foundation has announced the formation of LF Energy to boost technological innovation and transform the energy mix across the world.

Mobile technology key to tackling climate change

Report: Mobile will be one of the key technologies to tackle climate change and help develop smart solutions to ensure responsible economic growth across Latin America
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Global smart water grid market trends

Revenue generation in the global smart water grid market is expected to increase by 20% between 2017 and 2026. Future Market Insights predicts revenue generation will exceed "$ 50,000 Mn" by the end of 2026. Efforts to...