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AI analytics in building management systems will help make buildings smart and responsive

A new report examines the potential presented by AI analytics in smart buildings, as well as a roadmap showing both opportunities in the market and barriers to the wider adoption
smart electric meters

Heat metering leads the way with high adoption rate of connectivity

Susanne Cumberland, a senior research analyst of Power and Energy Technology with IHS Markit, analyses the global heat meter market.

2020 global solar installations to be 7 times more than 2010’s

The global solar energy industry is expected to record a 14% growth in 2020 compared to the total capacity installed in 2019, according to IHS Markit.

Understanding the rollout of smart meters in Europe

David Green Research & Analysis Manager with IHS Markit explains how far along Europe is in its smart meter deployments and challenges being faced.

US annual wind operations and maintenance spending to reach $7.5 billion

The US is expected to increase its spending on the operations and maintenance of wind energy infrastructure by 50% per annum between 2018 and 2030.

Smart grid versus squirrel – the AI challenge in utilities

How does nematode-level logic help utilities solve a squirrel-level problem? The C.Elegans worm is the first (and only) animal to have its intelligence replicated (by the OpenWorm project) and represents the pioneering level of...
lead-acid batteries

Connecting heat, cold and electricity – a new route to clean energy

New technology is offering an economic approach to largescale energy storage. An electro thermal energy storage breakthrough does more than address bulk power storage though.

From legislation to grid evolution – What’s next for AMI?

Legislation and the evolving grid push utilities towards an increasingly data-heavy environment, driving the demand for communicating meters.

US natural gas price to reach its lowest level since 1970s

Owing to an oversupply of natural gas, the price for the energy resource in the US is expected to reach its lowest ever since the 1970s, according to IHS Markit.

Two countries in one – the disparate state of water services in the US

Speakers at the 12th Annual Global Water Alliance Conference in Pennsylvania highlighted the realities of the US water industry.