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Ed’s note: IEA confirms renewables surge, but what about the grid?

According to the IEA's Renewable Energy Market Update 2021, solar and wind are becoming the “new normal”. What does this mean for the grid?

Ed’s note: The storyline of our future

This morning, the International Energy Agency launched its World Energy Outlook 2020 report and it seemed like a good opportunity to share some thoughts on the report. The basic premise is to provide possible energy...
WEO-2020, The clean energy report from IEA gives new insights in the different clean energy sources for the world.

COVID-19 and the World Energy Outlook 2020

The IEA has launched the World Energy Outlook 2020 which focuses on the next decade and exploring different pathways out of the crisis.
Urbanova, innovative

Ed’s note: A guide to the innovative technology of tomorrow

Editor Claire Volkwyn analyses the latest Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 report from IEA and is struck by the scale of the challenge.
WEO-2020, The clean energy report from IEA gives new insights in the different clean energy sources for the world.

Carbon capture and other clean energy technologies key to climate targets, IEA reports

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) new energy technologies report calls for more attention to decarbonization of the transport, buildings and industry sectors.
Indonesia renewable energy

Indonesia partners with IEA to accelerate renewables uptake

In Indonesia, the Ministry of Energy has partnered with the International Energy Agency (IEA) to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy in the country.
IEA recovery

IEA calls for $3 trillion global investment in COVID-19 recovery

The International Energy Agency has presented it's global COVID-19 recovey plan for the global energy sector, the Sustainable Recovery Plan, which focuses on a series of actions that can be taken over the next three years to revitalise economies and boost employment while making energy systems cleaner and more resilient.

Ed’s note: The long-term impact of a pandemic

The International Energy Agency released its annual World Energy Investment 2020 report in May and noted that 2020 will see the single largest drop in energy investment in history! The Covid-19 pandemic has been blamed in...
Austria decarbonisation

IEA commends Austria’s efforts to accelerate clean energy transition

Austria is committed to reaching carbon neutrality a decade earlier than the goal set by the European Union, however, the government will need to step up decarbonisation efforts across all parts of its energy sector, according to the International Energy Agency.
energy investment

Global energy investment to drop by $400bn

Total global energy investment will hit a record low in 2020 due to the negative impacts of the Coronavirus on the world economy - IEA