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smart metering connectivity

Podcast episode #6: Accelerating smart metering with revolutionary IoT eSIM

In this episode, our guest experts discuss the latest industry breakthroughs in cellular connectivity. They focus on how cellular innovations simplify daily operations and share their experience with the new, revolutionary IoT eSIM.
artificial intelligence

39% growth anticipated in global AI chips market

According to Technavio, the global artificial intelligence (AI) chips market will record 39% growth between 2019 and 2023.

CUJO AI survey investigates connected homes and customer expectations

US-based cybersecurity firm CUJO AI has released the results of a survey conducted to investigate consumer expectations for their connected homes. The studyThe Next generation...

IoT: Consumer adoption and performance issues

A new study conducted by Opinium Research and commissioned by technology firm Dynatrace analyses consumer adoption of IoT applications and performance issues. The study is...
home automation

6.8% Growth anticipated in global home automation

Transparency Market Research is projecting a 6.8% growth of the global home automation market between 2017 and 2026. Revenue generation is expected to reach $116.26...

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