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Podcast episode #6: Accelerating smart metering with revolutionary IoT eSIM

In this episode, our guest experts discuss the latest industry breakthroughs in cellular connectivity. They focus on how cellular innovations simplify daily operations and share their experience with the new, revolutionary IoT eSIM.

Data, smart devices proliferate

Utilities need to exploit the deluge of data set to grow in 2020 as smart device sales soar. Big data analytics has emerged in response to the exponential growth in data, and the utility...

Customers driving energy transition opportunities in Asia

Leonardo Benitez, Global Head of Energy at Indra-Minsait talks about the opportunities presented by the energy transition in Asia
Utility IoT

Utility IoT Industry to hit $15 billion by 2024

According to a new report, the global Utility IOT industry is expected to grow by double digits each year between now and 2024, to $15 billion by 2024.
renewable energy in the US

The US utility market set for interesting times in 2019

The US utility market it seems is subject to what is purported to be an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” After a year of relatively flat growth in 2018, a...

The IoT platform dilemma

At the end of 2015, Gartner predicted that “Through 2018, 80% of IoT implementations will squander transformational opportunities by focusing on narrow use-cases and analytics.” At the beginning of 2019, David Socha takes a...
Three quarters of energy firms limiting connectivity development due to cyber threats

Cyber threats continue limiting IoT and 5G adoption, report

According to a new report from Osborne Clarke, data protection and privacy concerns in relation to GDPR regulations are slowing the adoption of IoT.
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ComEd launches ‘Save and Share mobile app’

US utility ComEd has launched a new mobile app and website to help consumers in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighbourhood to increase their energy savings. The Save and Share mobile app and website are being piloted under...
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China maintains lead in global smart meter market

China continues to lead the global smart meter market with 496 million installations during Q1 of 2018, according to Navigant Research. China accounted for 68.4% of tracked global smart meter installations during the period and...
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Smart grids to present $17.6bn opportunity in MENA region

Smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group forecasts smart grid investments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to reach $17.6 billion from 2018 to 2027. Driving increases in smart grid investments during the...