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DOE launches cybersecurity plan as Biden welcomes Chinese-made equipment

The DOE has launched an initiative to enhance the cybersecurity of electric utilities’ industrial control systems and secure the energy sector supply chain.

Global perspectives on cyber threats shift after pandemic wake-up call

Information technology firm Wipro has released a new report presenting the changing perspectives of cybersecurity globally.

Blind spots expose grid assets to cyberattacks

OT networks across the power generation industry are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks due to blind spots, a new report has warned.

Why Utilities Need to Work with Next Generation iPaaS Solutions

Traditional iPaaS is not as effective as it could be. Many organizations still end up with poorly-designed APIs and suboptimal data flows. This often requires manual intervention to fix things, which defeats the purpose of paying someone else to do the work in the first place.
Central Lincoln

Oregon district utility migrates IT and OT into a single network

Central Lincoln People’s Utility District has partnered with Ciena and Schweitzer Engineering Labs to modernise the operations of its grid network.

Atos: Gaining the digital edge for the new energy world

Franck shares the common challenge utilities face - digitalisation - often considered a threat, yet Atos helps utilities create a set of new opportunities throughout the utility value chain - from IT/OT requirements to ensuring a predictable, flexible, future-capable grid.

Simplifying OT/IT integration in utilities with Greenbird

The integration of OT and IT systems in pursuit of greater data connectivity is increasing. How do you do so without compromising security?

Siemens boosts OT security with a new partnership

Fortinet has partnered with Siemens to address the unique security and connectivity requirements of operational technology networks.

Harnessing IT/OT convergence for operational success

The importance of IT/OT convergence is not solely about the technologies themselves. Businesses also need to ensure that the departments and processes are as integrated as possible, argues Lisa Williams. This article was originally published in Smart...