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Seaside: Optimal technological solutions for energy efficiency

Seaside is the Energy Service Company (ESCOs) of the Italgas Group providing consulting services and technology and financing solutions in the energy efficiency sector.

Preventing and detecting gas leaks, limiting fugitive emissions

Picarro and Italgas have introduced intelligent software for detecting the presence of gas in vehicles dedicated to the leaks search. This technology is at the forefront in terms of limiting fugitive emissions.

Accelerating the digital transformation

The Digital Factory is the driving force of Italgas’s digital transformation, where we design and implement cutting-edge proprietary technologies that, in recent years, have helped to digitise processes and improve operations, network management, and service quality.

Experimenting hydrogen injection and Power to Gas technology

In Sardinia, Italgas is developing the first end-to-end green hydrogen project in Italy, aimed at testing the entire hydrogen value chain.