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Jamaica’s electric vehicle market set to take off

The opening of the first public electric vehicle charging station marks the start for a change in vehicle usage in Jamaica.

Jamaica Public Service reports benefits from smart grid technology

Jamaica Public Service reports improvements in power reliability as well as streetlighting energy efficiency.

Jamaica’s Smart City New Kingston gets a boost

Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has been awarded funding to advance the Smart City New Kingston within the country’s capital.
Jamaica Public Service

Jamaica’s smart meters validated

Jamaica Public Service Company’s smart meters have been cleared after customer complaints of excessive consumption and high bills.
Jamaica Public Service Company

Itron helps Jamaica Public Service Company connect entire smart infrastructure

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) extended its partnership with Itron to fully implement a smart grid rollout project. The utility will expand Itron’s Gen 5 IoT communications network to connect 670,000 smart electric meters. This...
water market

Jamaica NWC takes smart metering to the next level

In December 2017, Jamaica’s National Water Commission (NWC) successfully signed a contract with Diehl Metering for the delivery of 450,000 static HYDRUS ultrasonic water meters. As a result, NWC can now exploit new opportunities...