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US predictive energy intelligence to boost Japanese energy market

Innowatts will partner with ABeam Consulting to bring about new analytics and AI-enabled technology to Japan’s energy market
NEC Corporation

Tochigi Japan pilots LORAWAN-enabled smart gas meters

In Japan, Tochigi City is deploying a smart meter pilot for liquefied petroleum gas consumers.

Japanese technology to boost grid resilience in Philippines

JICA is partnering with TEPCO to pilot smart grid technology in the Philippines, to improve power reliability and assimilate renewable energy.

AI-powered analytics to enhance utility business

KEPCO and Accenture have established a joint venture in Japan, K4 Digital Co., Ltd., to help KEPCO accelerate current business processes
change management

Asian utilities collaborate to expand opportunities and innovation

TEPCO Power Grid, Chubu Electric Power Co. and ICMG Co. have agreed on the basic terms for establishing a joint venture in Singapore in July. The collaboration is expected to facilitate opportunities for global electricity...
energy blockchain

Japanese utility adopts peer-to-peer energy trading platform

Japanese electric utility, Take Energy Corporation, has partnered with Electrify to deploy a peer-to-peer energy trading platform in Kyushu. The blockchain platform will allow consumers to trade excess solar energy from the region’s solar farms. The...
grid reliability

Japan intensifies VPP pilots to address demand and supply fluctuations

A group of companies have launched a pilot, which aims to test how distributed energy resources can be used to ensure the reliabilty of the Japanese grid network. Kyocera is partnering with Tokyo and Kansai...
Kansai Electric Power

Kansai Electric boosts predictive maintenance with anomaly detection software

Kansai Electric Power has chosen to use Engineering Consultants Group's (ECG) Predict-It Anomaly Detection and Diagnostic Reasoning platform in its Remote Monitoring Center in Osaka, Japan. This software will detect problems at the Bluewaters Power Station...

Guam to receive energy efficient military base to accommodate troops

The military plans to build a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient Marine Corps base on Guam to accommodate the thousands of Marines who will be relocating to the island as part of the military build-up. According to Will...
Puget Sound Energy

Nissan Leaf to power Japanese streetlights

Nissan has teamed up with 4R Energy Corporation to use second-life Leaf batteries to power new streetlights in the Japanese town of Namie. The project is entitled “The Reborn Light” and will utilise solar...