Larsen & Toubro

M2M Engineering

Trilliant, Larsen & Toubro support largest AMI deployment in India

Trilliant and Larsen & Toubro have reached a milestone of the largest AMI deployment in India scaling to more than 5 million...
ultrasonic gas meter

India: CyanConnode to connect additional 10,000 smart meters

Indian based engineering firm Larsen & Toubro has commissioned CyanConnode’s advanced metering communications solution to provide connectivity to an additional 10,000 smart meters. CyanConnode will...
grid communications

CyanConnode to power 250,000 smart meters in India’s Madhya Pradesh

CyanConnode has signed a $3,2 million deal with Larsen & Toubro for the provision of a narrowband radio mesh network. The IPv6 communications technology will...

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