Just 153.3 million LPWAN smart meters from 2019 – 2028

Northeast Group is forecasting that just 153.3 million of the 1.2 billion smart meters deployed over the next ten years will be connected via LPWAN.

New ‘Technical Lab’ to accelerate NB-IoT water meters across China

Jiangxi Water Utility has launched a Technical Lab in Nanchang to accelerate the adoption of NB-IoT enabled water meters by utilities in the region.
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China to account for 64% of global cellular connections

China will account for 64% of the world's global cellular connections - report
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Expanded LoRaWAN device certification programme

The LoRa Alliance announces the expansion of the LoRaWAN device certification programme to ensure the quality of millions of connected IoT devices

New partnership to enhance smart gas metering in China and abroad

Semtech Corporation and Goldcard Smart Group have integrated their offerings to help gas utilities to optimise their operations.

ADDRA smart water metering system from ADD GRUP

At the European Utility Week 2018 exhibition in Vienna, ADD GRUP will present a modern water metering system based on ADDRA technology for the...
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Tochigi Japan pilots LORAWAN-enabled smart gas meters

In Japan, Tochigi City is deploying a smart meter pilot for liquefied petroleum gas consumers.

Smart factory one of the top 10 % most energy-efficient

Salonit Anhovo is the biggest cement production factory in Slovenia. Founded more than 90 years ago, it has been an innovation driver for the...

Australia enhances digital economy with LoRaWAN network

Gold Coast, Australia has decided to expand the rollout of its low power wide area-based IoT network. Working with National Narrowband Network Company, they will expand...

Partnership to strengthen LoRaWAN in China

Tencent has joined the LoRa Alliance at the highest level, further accelerating the adoption of LoRaWAN technology in China.

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