machine learning

machine learning

Amazon subsidiary adopts machine learning-enabled business forecast offering

Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of a managed service that uses machine learning to deliver highly accurate forecasts
National Grid Partners

National Grid Partners expands investment portfolio with six new deals

National Grid Partners has invested in Audio Analytic, Carbon Lighthouse, Copperleaf and GoCardless.

Technologies transforming $1,3 billion building and homes market

A new report analyses the global homes and buildings industry and the role new technologies have on the market.
machine learning

AI is the new electricity

As with all emerging technological trends, some elements of artificial intelligence are hyped out of proportion, some elements are ahead of their time, and some even incite fear.
NineStar Connect

Greenbird and Venios enter into partnership

The biggest barrier to providing data services for analytics platforms is data access and data quality in utilities’ systems.

New research reveals technologies with the highest funding and sector impacts

Frost & Sullivan has issued a new report analysing technologies with the highest funding and their impacts in sectors including ICT, energy, advanced manufacturing and...
artificial intelligence

New report highlights drivers of global AI as-a-service market

Technavio forecasts the global artificial intelligence-as-a-service market to record over 47% increase between 2019 and 2023. The need by...

Smart city market impacts on global GDP and population growth

The adoption of smart city technologies can raise GDP per capita by 21% and population growth by 13% over the next five years.

Utilities and $5 million round to expand AI-grid technology

Grid4C has raised $5 million with the help of venture capital firm ICV and French utility ENGIE and utilities in Europe and Asia.

New Google partnership to focus on energy internet of things

Stanford University, Google and SunTech Drive have partnered to research, develop and pilot energy internet of things technology. Funded by the US Department of Energy...

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