Cybersecurity incident response – best practices from the US

Cybersecurity incident response best practices in US utilities have been identified by FERC and NERC.
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US utilities ready for a pandemic-stricken summer says NERC

US energy regulatory authority the NERC says the country is ready for an 'unprecedented summer' despite disruptions to preparations and the threat to the health and safety of critical industry workers posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

US: FERC grants NERC grace on rollout of new cybersecurity rules

The NERC noted that it and the FERC had already taken steps in recognition of the “critical importance of the reliability of the nation’s energy sector and the steps that registered entities are taking to maintain the health and safety of their workforce and communities.”

US: FERC, NERC lessen compliance regulations as COVID-19 worsens

The FERC and the NERC have announced steps to ensure that operators of the bulk electric system can on keeping people safe and the lights on by announcing a relaxing of certain regulations over a limited period.
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POLL: Should utilities be publically named for cybersecurity transgressions?

Recent US federal announcements of utility cybersecurity transgressions due to poor controls, weak points, and strategy/implementation have omitted the name of the utility involved.

FERC announces new supply chain risk management standards

FERC has approved new mandatory reliability standards to bolster supply chain risk management protections for the nation’s bulk electric system.
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Did PG&E lose control of confidential information?

Numerous news reports, citing the Wall Street Journal, are identifying Pacific Gas & Electric as the utility that was fined by federal regulators for...

Company takes gold for tackling compliance threats to the grid

BRIDGE Energy Group wins gold in the 2018 Global Excellence Awards for their solution that manages compliance and emerging threats to the grid.

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